Biography and Artist Statement

Dave Bledsoe

A Photographer In the Streets

But a poet in the sheets? This is what Dave would like people to say about him. Sadly, no one is willing. Dave Bledsoe is a writer, photographer, podcaster, you know: a dilettante. His photography has been featured in international media and heavily in New York City online publications. His best known work in on the ephemeral nature of telecommunications technology. (He took some pictures of old phones once that went viral.)

Three Decades In the Darkroom

In 1986 Dave was looking for an easy class, an easy skip if you will and photography seemed like a good fit. Turns out, it WAS an easy skip, but also a lot of fun! It was such fun, Dave was going to make a career out of it. Turns out, reality had some things to say about that. It took until 2010 to take it from dabbler to dabbler who charges money for his dabbling.

And Now?

Dave takes photos for pleasure. You can still hire him, but only if he kinda wants to do it.


If you think you can lure me out, email me at